Quadcopter Control System

Unreal Engine Marketplace Quadcopter Control System

This blueprint system features a comprehensive physics based quadcopter control system. It includes 4 flight modes typical to real world quadcopter flight systems. Learn to fly a quadcopter!

This control system simulates quadcopter physics using PID Controllers connected to physics thrusters which permit access to the PID gain values allowing you to tune the quadcopter flight modes based on your personal preferences. This system mimics quadcopter controls. The 4 flight modes are:

Manual Mode: This flight mode uses no stabilization algorithms. It gives you direct control over the quadcopter. This is an expert flight mode.

Acrobatic Mode: This flight mode features complete stabilization of quadcopter attitude (Yaw, Pitch and Roll) But allows for 360 degrees of motion in each axis. This is an advanced flight mode.

Stabilized Mode: This flight mode keeps the quadcopter stable horizontally but leaves the throttle control free. This is an intermediate flight mode.

Stabilized Hover Mode: This flight mode keeps the quadcopter stable horizontally and controls the throttle to maintain the altitude of the quadcopter for a “hover” mode. This is a novice flight mode. Also, great for cinematography.

This system relies on gamepad control input.






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