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Quadcopter Control System Docs

Unreal Engine Marketplace Quadcopter Control System With this guide you should have all the information you need to modify the appearance and flight characteristics of your quadcopter. The important blueprints are contained within: “QuadcopterControl/Blueprints” and “QuadcopterControl/Blueprints/QuadcopterModes”. The quadcopter system is made up of a base class “BP_Quadcopter_Base” and four child classes which are the flight … Continue reading Quadcopter Control System Docs

Quadcopter Control System

Unreal Engine Marketplace Quadcopter Control System This blueprint system features a comprehensive physics based quadcopter control system. It includes 4 flight modes typical to real world quadcopter flight systems. Learn to fly a quadcopter! This control system simulates quadcopter physics using PID Controllers connected to physics thrusters which permit access to the PID gain values … Continue reading Quadcopter Control System

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